John Fisher



First I would like to thank everyone for giving me this opportunity to lead the Club as President for the next 3 years.

 I thank Frank Shoenhoeffer for taking over my previous role as Radial Line Trail Coordinator. Frank has a wealth of practical and administrative trail experience and we are delighted to have him at the board table. His acceptance of the Coordinator role permitted the realignment of board responsibilities.

Special and huge thanks to Mike Curtis who continued to lead the Club well after his term expired and has dedicated well over a decade to the club in all aspects of Club activities. I will continue to depend heavily on Mike in his new role as Past President as he supports me in those areas of club activity with which I have no experience.

I am looking forward to working with a fully staffed Board and with all of our members over the coming years.

We have an exciting year ahead of us:

1)    We need to shore up our country trails network that has been impacted by the Covid    pandemic., specifically sections #5 and #8 of the RLT.
2)    We need to reactivate our hiking schedules as we emerge from the pandemic, and we welcome Ron Cherry as the new hike coordinator taking over from Gayle Jeffery very successful term in that role.
3)     We want to increase our digital face in the community.
 Gayle Jeffery has taken over from Ruth Bowes as our website administrator and Jim Hoare is doing a fine job as the Club’s Facebook administrator. We want these platforms to be the “go to” resource to learn about GHTC and its activities.
4)     We plan to continue our initiatives to link the city to our 3 country trails networks.
Shortly, I will send out an invitation to provide input to Guelph’s Master Plan Update. The city is inviting comments from citizens about “All things trails”.
5)    This spring, we will be installing a new bridge over the storm water outfall on the James St. Trail. We will begin a fund raising campaign in earnest in the next few weeks to pay for James St. Trail improvements. The website already is set up to accept donations for the project.
6)     We will be working on a new guidebook. Leilan Baxter will lead us in that project
7)    Lastly, next year is the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Club. It is a huge milestone and a testament to our members past and present, volunteers and leaders that after fifty years our Club today is financially secure, has all board positions filled, a huge new member interest, and an ambitious set of initiatives for the future.
We look forward to engaging our members in all aspects of club business over the year and welcome your ideas, participation, enthusiasm and support by joining us in thinking about ways we can celebrate this 50th anniversary and continue to make the club relevant to our daily lives in these turbulent times.

John Fisher, GHTC President

Guelph Hiking Trail Club is a charitable organization Registration#11894 9395

PO Box 1, Guelph, ON, N1H 6J6 

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