CAUTION: Radial Line Trail - Watson Rd now SHARED with GORBA

  • 23 Jul 2020
  • 30 Sep 2020



 If you are reading this you already know and appreciate the value of trails and outdoor recreational experiences. Because most of out trail network is on private property we adhere to the strict landowner contractual terms that normally excludes mountain bikes. By contrast most city trails and city owned properties are built as multi use and all users respect the “shared use” principles they were designed for.

Closer to the city historical trail useage protocols get a little more blurred even on private property. All users want to avoid roads and traffic to reach their recreational destinations.

As you know GHTC recently signed a licence agreement with the City for use of the Waterworks property. GORBA  also signed an agreement. We both have permission for “exclusive use trails” but by necessity some of the trail linkages are “shared”.

GORBA and GHTC met on site on 7/14 to talk about our “exclusive” and “shared” trails. We are both respectful of each other’s needs and have good cooperation between the Clubs in working through issues. Additionally we are much stronger when we advocate together to protect existing or develop future trails.

GHTC is concerned about safety because of the topography on some of the shared trails. GORBA had similar concerns for their members and are actively trying to re reroute some parts to avoid useage conflict.

At the same time GORBA would like GHTC to permit bikers on GHTC’s Exclusive use trail from Watson Road entrance into the heart of their exclusive recreational trails in Arkell Springs. They quite naturally want to travel “off road “ as much as possible as they venture out from Guelph. GHTC thinks this is a reasonable request. The topography of this part of the trail is flat with long sight lines. There is no mass parking on Watson so the trail is not so busy and because the trail is largely in full sun light it requires a lot of maintenance effort.

More traffic will mean less maintenance and GORBA has their own maintenance crews that help maintain their trails.

The board of GHTC and GORBA have agreed to proceed with a trial arrangement for sharing the GHTC exclusive use trail on Arkell Springs property and to address any issues as they arise.

John Fisher

GHTC Radial Line Trail Coordinator

To contact John, click Executive Committee and click on his name to create email.

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