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It is starting to feel as if spring has sprung and this is offering a welcoming change of routine to our relative isolationism over the last few months. Many of our members have already had their Covid vaccinations, or are scheduled to have them soon; so, we are all feeling a little more optimistic about the future. Your board continues to meet and you have seen hints on the website of our ongoing projects. Although I could easily take up this whole comment page with all the new things we are working on, I need to focus on our number one priority for the month of April which is the time sensitive James St Trail “BUILD A BRIDGE” Campaign.

 If you are a member of GHTC you already know and hopefully have enjoyed our hikes, work parties, and other activities. Over the last year, many of you have kept up with the progress of the James St Trail through the initial negotiations with the University of Guelph, a digital agreement signing, and subsequent work parties to improve the trail and install side trails to the Arboretum and through the back of Marianne’s Park.

 We have worked with local trail user groups throughout the James St Trail improvement process; and it was as a result of their input. that we were persuaded that the bridge design to safely cross the dangerous storm water outlet needed to be substantial, sustainable and accessible to all users. If we built such a bridge we could help secure the community trail for current and future generations.

 We have been “passively” working on the campaign since last year. It has been a feature of our home page and subsequent pages and has gone through several iterations over that time. Many of you have already generously donated to support the project, and we greatly appreciate your financial contributions which have shown that the task is not so daunting when we all work together.

 We are down to the final “push”. We hope to make all of Guelph aware of our campaign over the next month through social media, the news and “word of mouth”.

We have set up a charity site on CanadaHelps that can be accessed with one “click” of a DONATE button from our website homepage, or at the bottom of this page. The full on  “BUILD A BRIDGE” Campaign starts March 29th.

 You are already a great “club supporter”.  If you can help us reach our fundraising goal you will be leaving a legacy for yourself, Guelph Hiking Trail Club and the Guelph community at large. Please click the DONATE button and help us over the finish line to a substantial, sustainable, accessible new bridge!

 Thank you, Stay safe and “See you on the trails”,

John Fisher (President Guelph Hiking Trail Club).


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