Carmen Judith Bissonnette
Feb 28, 1945 – 16 Aug 2014

Carmen’s life ended after a three and a half year battle with cancer. She was a joyful and giving person always looking to help others in need. Carmen enjoyed an active lifestyle that included hiking with the Acton Senior hiking group. We particularly looked forward to hiking Starkey Hill in the winter and feeding the birds by hand.

Carmen was a real trekker who watched the old star trek series repeatedly to the point that she was able to recall the episode from the opening scenes. So fitting that 'Live long and prosper' is inscribed on her bench.

Carmen was a true humanitarian and loving person who left her mark forever on her family and friends. She was my companion for almost 58 years and has left me with a deep sorrow and grief. I will always have fond memories of the life that we shared.

– Victor Bissonnette (Husband)


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