GHTC Trail Highlights - Photo Contest

As you know, GHTC maintains many kilometers of beautiful trails with varying topography, views and textures. These picturesque trail scenes are only possible through your ongoing donations, membership support and trail maintenance teams; big Thanks to donors, members and volunteers.

And with the development of our new website, we are so excited that we can showcase some of the outstanding features and views on our trails. Yes, that's right, we are having a Photo Contest!

The goal/theme of this contest is to give new hikers a snapshot of the trails' main features. So start snapping pictures or find photos taken in the past. Entries will be judged based on the trails' unique features and a select number will be used on the new GHTC website. 

And a few house-keeping reminders:

  • People in pictures should not be recognizable unless you get their signed permission for their photo to be published on GHTC website. 
  • Three prizes will be awarded at the Annual General Meeting held on Tues Nov 20th 2018.
  • For Speed River Trail, Radial Line Trail and Kissing Bridge Trail entries, trail name and trail section should accompany the photo. Sidetrails only need their name. 
  • Pictures must be under 2MB and .jpg, .gif, .png or .tif formats
  • Due date: submitted by Nov 18th 2018.

Member Photo Submissions

Members should email photos  with the subject of "trail and section name" to PHOTO CONTEST

Submitted photos will be displayed on the Events Contest page.

Good Luck! 

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