GHTC seeking Volunteer for Hike Program Coordinator

Love the outdoors? Looking to participate in your community?

The Guelph Hiking and Trail Club’s is seeking a Hike Program Coordinator

Job Summary

The Guelph Hiking Trail Club is a 50 year old volunteer organization with a mission to stimulate an interest in hiking and the environment. We are looking for a Hike Program Coordinator to join our executive team and to organize and manage the Club’s guided hike program for the benefit of members and supporters. In this position, you will interact with Club Hike leaders and together establish a program of guided hikes for members and supporters throughout the calendar year. Typically the Club would offer approximately 150 guided hikes annually.

Hike Program Coordinator Duties and Responsibilities

● Engage with hike leaders or prospective hike leaders and help to inform them about the hike program and how to promote this important club activity.

● Host an annual Hike Leader meeting to discuss leaders ideas/issues or changes in club policy.

● Develop and expand the Club’s cadre of “Certified Hike Leaders,’ Including coordinating with Hike Ontario to arrange for Hike Leader training.

● Every 4 months develop a hike program schedule for the next 4 month period. (Timed to coordinate with Newsletter published 3X p.a.).

● Establish a core Schedule of Iconic Club hikes that might be used as a fundraising opportunity, eg Bridge to Bridge Hike.

● Publish the Guided Hike schedule through the Newsletter, GHTC websites google calendar, and appropriate other media.

● Maintain statistics re. guided hikes for reporting purposes.

● Attend monthly GHTC executive meetings and present Hike Coordinator report.Compile Hike report for Annual AGM.

● Facilitate offers from leaders of specialty hikes(educational, children’s photo group) to lead special programs.MORE/LESS

Hike Program Coordinator Requirements and Qualifications

● A passion for the outdoors and for sharing your enthusiasm.

● Familiarity with trails, map reading and how to lead a hike.

● Knowledge of hiking safety protocols and GHTC risk management protocols.

● Moderate to high level of computer literacy is required to navigate the club website in an administrative role(Microsft Word, Excel).

● Strong written and verbal communication skills. 


GHTC 50th Anniversary

Hey Hikers! 

Are you interested in being a member of an Historic Hike that will see a baton carried on all of our trails in 2022.  Your name and the part of the hike that you carried the baton on during the year will be recorded and archived for future generations to marvel at.  This hike will be carried out over a few months and a completion date has not yet been set. 

If you or a group of you, are interested, please send your name and the trail you would like to be a part of to me.


Happy Hiking.

Susan McMillan

Hiking Responsibly & Safely in the time of COVID

Ontario is in a province wide stay-at-home order. All outdoor gatherings are limited to 5 people in the same household.

Stay local: If you do not live within walking distance of the Guelph Hiking Trail Club network of trails, please postpone your visit and walk close to home. Please avoid travelling to other areas.

Respect Closures : Respect any trail or facility closures. Closures may happen at any time. Check for closure information by visiting our website. Look for Trails, drop down to Reroutes and closures.

NB: We have suspended publication of our Self Guided Hikes during the province wide –stay-- at home order

James Street Trail BUILD A BRIDGE NEWS

Thank you campaign supporters!

We are pleased to tell you that we reached our campaign funding goal.


  • April Local abutments contractor selected
  • May P.O. for bridge construction issued to Eagle Bridge Ltd Kitchener-completed
  • June Abuttment planned installation
  • August Delivery and installation of Eagle Bridge