GHTC Celebrates 50th Anniversary in 2022

50 years is a long time for a community organization to be around. There has been no better time in the club's history to be thankful for the services provided by the club. People have flocked to the trails and it has brought much recognition to the hard work the club does to keep up these trails for everyone to use, not just members. 

We have planned celebrations to mark our 50th anniversary that will send our club off into the next 50 years. Mark your calendars, and stay tuned in!

  • Crane Park Bridge Project - June to September
  • Grandparents Day at Hanlon Creek - September 11
  • 50th Celebration Party at the Arboretum - September 18
  • Kissing Bridge End-to-End (GHTC's portion) - Fall
  • Radial Line Line trail End-to-End in sections - Fall

Introducing the "50th Anniversary Passport Program": Log your hiking of all GHTC trails on 50th ANNIVERSARY PASSPORT HIKING LOG.pdf and email to and get your name added to GHTC Walk of Fame.

Speed River Trail End 2 End bus hike

Online GHTC Trail Map and printable PDFs

Online GHTC Trail map and Printable Trail section PDFs are available FREE to members and cost $5 for non-members.

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Wellington Plaza River Trail remake in progress

The Guelph hiking trail club is taking the initiative to improve the underserved river trail behind the commercial Plaza's on the corner of Wellington Street and Gordon Street. A section of hiking trail south of downtown Guelph is getting a remake, thanks to the Federal Economic Development Agency’s funding commitment for “placemaking” projects across Southern Ontario.

More info

Artist impressions of planned design & one of several work parties!


Wellington Plaza River Trail Progress

"Art in Hard Times" finds new home on Wellington Plaza River Trail. Thanks to GHTC member Jim Hoare and president John Fisher for the install and to "Art not Shame", Plaza property owner, and the Federal Govt My Main Street funding for making this possible.

The lead artist was Melanie Schambach whose forte is art based community building. A digital paint by numbers participatory process that involved dozens of people in its creation.

Visit for a greater understanding of the themes and the process which is particularly suited to be displayed on this trail. GHTC and its partners are working to improve this trail by creating a "Welcoming Space for All."


Guided Hike Program

Hiking During Covid

Guelph Hiking Trail Club Covid-19 guidelines are based on recommendations from the Chief Public Health Officer of Canada, Ontario Chief Medical Officer of Health and Ontario government with the intent of keeping hikers and our hike leaders safe. Please respect that the leaders are required to enforce these safety measures. MORE/LESS

Hike Leaders may choose to only allow fully vaccinated participants on their hike. For these hikes please bring proof of vaccination with you. The description of each hike that is posted on the GHTC website will indicate if this is a requirement.

The number of participants for a hike will be based on Government recommendations and hike leaders comfort level. Hike leaders may also wish to have masks worn at start of hike and keep a distance of 3m between non-related members.

Choosing the Right Hike

Guelph Hiking Trail Club aims to have all hikers enjoy their experience and be safe.

With this in mind, hikers should choose a hike suited to their interests and physical abilities. Be honest with yourself in judging your abilities, remembering that we tire more quickly when walking on snow/rough terrain. Consult the hike description for the hike speed, length, and difficulty of terrain (if in doubt, contact the hike leader). MORE/LESS

To assist in choosing the correct hike, GHTC home page will now have three boxes of upcoming hikes. Easy hikes will be 4km/2hrs or less, and slow or moderate pace depending on terrain. Moderate hikes usually will be up to 8km and slow or moderate pace depending on terrain. Difficult hikes usually would be anything over 8km regardless of speed or terrain.

Leaders have authority to refuse a hiker participation if footwear is not suitable for trail conditions or if the leader feels the hiker's physical abilities would put hiker's safety at risk.

There is also a hike calendar that colour codes hikes by difficulty.

If you have registered for a hike and cannot attend, please CANCEL YOUR REGISTRATION by logging on, click on your name, then click on  My registrations tab. Select the event you wish to cancel.

Upcoming events

Featured Self Guided Hike

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Who We Are

GHTC is a volunteer organization that offers guided hikes of various lengths, throughout the year in Guelph and the surrounding area. We maintain over 80km of trails, thanks to private landowner permission, from Cambridge to Limehouse and from Guelph to West Montrose.

We offer general hikes, kids' hikes, photo hikes, trail end-to-end hikes and ski/snowshoe hikes. Members get together for fall/winter slide show presentations and various social activities.

While most of our hikes and events are free and open to the public, consider supporting the Guelph Hiking Trail Club by becoming a member! Membership fees are $25 annually and tax-deductible. Membership fees and donations are used to pay for trail maintenance, newsletter production, and liability insurance. 

Support GHTC activities and Trail improvements           

  Nicola Ross, the author of the Loops & Lattes series of hiking  guides, will donate $5 to the Guelph Hiking     Trail Club for every 'Loops & Latte'  book purchased on her website.  See more of her books


Guelph Hiking Trail Club is a charitable organization 

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PO Box 1, Guelph, ON, N1H 6J6 

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