Early in 2021 the Guelph Hiking Trail Club with support from the Speed River Cycling Club, Guelph Victors running club, Guelph Coalition for Active Transportation and Guelph Off-Road Bicycling Association began a fundraising campaign to build a multi-use bridge over the storm water crossing that  cut through the James Street trailway. It was impassable for some and seasonally hazardous for all, because of a dangerous crossing in the first kilometre.

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RLT section 6 bridges upgrade

Where the RLT section 6 briefly follows the railbed of the former Radial Line (east of Kong Hill, and near the Blue Springs Golf Course) it also crosses Blue Springs Creek.  We’ve had two rudimentary bridges there for many years, but one in particular was getting fairly old, and in 2021 we decided to replace it.

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