Ticks are not a pleasant subject, but they’re out there.

If you don’t follow the tips in the drawing below…

(or you forgot), and you know they’re in your area, then with your clothes on:

  • Stand in the tub/shower (best if it’s white)
  • Remove all of your clothing, check for bugs
  • Give everything a shake, turn inside out and shake again.
  • Check the tub/shower for bugs
  • Check your body all over (use a mirror)
  • Launder clothes in hot water immediately (or tightly bag them until you do).

They’re small at first (3-5 mm.).  When engorged, they can swell to grape-sized. (Ewww!)

If you should find a tick that is attached, DO NOT douse it in oil, alcohol, or any other substance, as that will cause it to regurgitate - increasing the chance of infection. Use tweezers or a tick-removal tool.

by PJF GHTC Newsletter 2017-July

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