1. Sync a Single Event to your Calendar

To sync a single event to your calendar see instructions https://gethelp.wildapricot.com/en/articles/99 and then select the event.

2. Sync All Events to Your Calendar

1 Location of Calendar

The calendar is stored in the GHTC’s Google Calendar at the URL


 Copy this and paste that long string into the application you use below:

2 Google Calendar (and Android Device)

Connection and synchronization of Android smart-phone’s calendar to Google is fairly straightforward, but call me if you have problems.

 2a In Google Calendar (http://www.google.com/calendar) :

     Sign in to your Google calendar, then click the small + just to the right of "Add a friend's calendar"

     Select "From URL"

     Paste in the URL from step 1.

     Click the [Add Calendar] button.

2b On your android phone

     On your home (main) screen, Tap



   Accounts and Sync

   Make sure your Google account is added

     In the Calendar application, tap




   Find the new entry in your Google calendars, e.g. "GHTC Events"
     (You may have to wait a while before this shows up.)

   Tap the icon on the right until the description is "Synced, Visible".

3 Apple Calendar Application

  •   Open ‘settings’
  •   Open ‘accounts’ & add account
  •   Choose ‘other’ (NOT Google)
  •   Add a ‘subscribed calendar’
  •   In the ‘server’ field paste in that URL copied earlier and select ‘next’
  •   Ensure the ‘use SSL’ is on and optional ‘remove alarms’ is on.
  •   Exit ‘settings’.

The procedure should be very similar on any Apple iThing (pod, pad, phone).

4 Blackberry

See instructions at link below.


(Beware: Use of Google Sync may require you start over with a blank calendar and address-book, proceed with caution after backing up)

 5 Microsoft Outlook

See the instructions at http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/outlook-help/view-and-subscribe-to-internet-calendars-HA010167325.aspx#BM2

 6 Viewing the Calendar in any Web Browser

The calendar can be viewed in HTML format at:


Questions - email Web Admin


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