Radial Line Trail (RLT) – Guelph to Limehouse  36.55km

New in 2020 City of Guelph section

Side Trail out of Marianne's Park  - .2km

  • The Radial Line Trail has recently been extendede into the City, and now begins on Gordon St. From Gordon St south of Eramosa River enter Marianne’s Park and proceed to the east at the start of the woodlot. The trail runs parallel to the river for about 110 meters then turns sharply south for another 110 metres emerging onto James St .

James St. Section - 3km

  • Enter trail at the east end of James St.East .The trail follows the route of the original Toronto Suburban Railway. Watch for flying golf balls as the trail runs adjacent to an unprotected golf fairway. The James St trail section runs to Victoria Rd bridge. RLT Section 1 trail  continues from there to Stone Rd. East.

Arboretum Side Trail - .4km

  • 75 metres before passing under Victoria Rd Bridge a signed and blue blazed trail turns sharply south up a steep cliff face that is hazardous, especially in winter. Follow the blue blazes that lead directly to the Arboretum south of College St. through an old “borrow” pit. Alternatively exit onto Victoria Rd.

Section 1:

Trailhead at Victoria to Watson Rd - 3.5 km 

Parking Area:  on Victoria Road South, just East and South of the bridge crossing the Eramosa River

  • Gravel pathway crosses active rail line, use caution.
  • Trail follows abandoned electric train rail bed.
  • High overhanging cliffs of the Guelph Escarpment mark the edge of the Guelph Spillway.
  • Some road walking along Cook’s Mill Rd, use caution.


    O.R. Side Trail - 2.85 km 

    Parking Area: Roadside parking on York Road
          • Trail follows Eramosa river along old railway spur and near several old quarries.
          • From the gravel lane you can see two ponds, excavated by hand by in-mates in early years of the Ontario Reformatory.

       Section 2:

      Watson Rd to Puslinch/Milton boundary - 4.7km 

      Parking Area:  Roadside parking on east side of Watson Rd by Smith Side trail entrance.

      • Walk along Watson Rd, then dirt and grass surface.
      • There are some hills.
      Please Note: Both GHTC and GORBA (bike association) have signed license agreements with the City of Guelph for use of the Waterworks property. Both clubs have permission for “exclusive use trails” but by necessity some of the trail linkages are “shared”. Please watch out for bike riders.

       Smith Side Trail - 4.0 km 

      Parking Area: Roadside parking on Watson Rd
      • Trail follows Eramosa River along abandoned rail bed.
      • Trail climbs steep hill and passes lookout over Eramosa Valley.

       Starkey Hill Interpretive Trails - 4.0 km 

      Parking Area: Off road parking in large lot on south side of Arkell Road
        • Trail follows forested slopes of Paris Moraine and through wetlands.
        • From highest point in you can see Guelph Church of Our Lady.
        • Numbered posts with “QR” codes can be scanned by smart phones to see cultural, historical and natural history facts. Starkey Hill History  Interpretive Map

         Arkell Springs Loop - 1 hour   

           Parking Area: Off road parking in large lot at Starkey Hill on south side of Arkell Road

        Please Note: Both GHTC and GORBA (bike association) have signed license agreements with the City of Guelph for use of the Waterworks property. Both clubs have permission for “exclusive use trails” but by necessity some of the trail linkages are “shared”. Please watch out for bike riders.

        Section 3:

        Puslinch/Milton Boundary to 2nd Line Nassagawey - 4.1 km 

           Parking Area: Parking on 1st Line, west of Arkell Rd.
        • Dirt trail along abandoned railway line, followed by some road walking  to wooded area that descends into creek valley.
        • Closed for 1 week in November for shotgun season Trail Closures and Cautions

        Abutment Side Trail a 200m out-and-back trail off main trail to the abutments at Eramosa River.

        Stonefield Side Trail forms a 1.5km loop with main trail

        Section 4:

        2nd Line to 4th Line - 3.6km 

        • Trail passes through cedar in a low lying area.
        • Wild ginger, violets, wild flowers and a few patches of Poison Ivy.
        • Downed trees, roots and stones make trail uneven walking
        • Between 2nd Line and Guelph Line, trail is closed in Fall for hunting and marked with “Trail Closed” signs. Trail Closures and Cautions Use 30th side Rd instead.
        • Remainder of this section is short walk on Guelph Line over to 30th Side Rd and then along 30th Side Rd to 4th Line.


        Section 5 - See Temporary Closures Trail Closures and Cautions

        4th Line to 6th Line Nassagaweya - 4km

        Parking Area: Parking on Nassagweya Side Rd 30 at corner of 5th line.

        • Trail follows road from 4th Line to 5th Line.
        • Small amount of road parking on 30th Side road at 5th Line.
        • Trail follows abandoned railway line.
        • Poison Ivy on both sides of trail for short distance.
        • Trail follows boardwalk through a swampy area then through woods and meadows.
        • In some of this section dogs are not allowed, on or off leash. Please respect landowners wishes.

        Beaver Pond Side Trail – 1.1km
        • Dogs are not allowed, on or off leash.
        • Railway bed takes you to 6th Line.
        • Trail may be flooded due to beaver pond .
        Blue Springs Side Trail – 1.5km
        • Trail skirts fields and passes through Scout Camp woods.
        • Dogs are not allowed, on or off leash.
         Sugar Shack Side Trail – 1.6km
        • Loop trail through woods and past ruins of a sugar shack.

        Section 6:

        Sixth Line Nassagaweya to Dublin Line  - 4.7km
        Parking Area:  on Pine Ridge Drive, opposite of trail head

        • Trail passes through meadows and woodlands and rises steeply to “Kong Hill” for long panoramic view.
        • Some low spots that may be wet in spring.
        • Rugged walking along bedrock edge of glacial spillway.
        • Please do not trespass on the golf course.

        Section 7:

        Dublin Line to 3rd Line Esquesing  - 3.75KM

        Parking Area: Limited shoulder parking on Dublin Line

        • Road walking Dublin Line and Side Road 25.
        • Use extreme caution crossing busy Highway 25.
        • Trail passes through fields and hardwood bush and along abandoned rail bed.

        Section 8:

        3rd Line Esquesing to 5th Line Halton Hills at 22 Side Rd. Limehouse trailhead  - 5km

        Parking Area:  limited road parking on 3rd Line by active railway tracks (Parking at end of trail in Limehouse)

        • Trail drops into deep wooded river valley.
        • Crosses a stile into a sand and gravel pit, watch for vehicles.
        • Some road walking.
        • Parts of trail shared with Bruce Trail.

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