Speed River Trail (SRT)– Guelph to Cambridge 13.4km

 Section 1:

Guelph Humane Society to Whitelaw Road - 3.7km  

Parking Area:  Outside Guelph Humane Society gates. NO parking on roadway to quarry or wastewater treatment plant. Also small parking area on Niska Road

    • Trail through forest and meadow and along side Speed river
    • Some wet areas crossed by 7 bridges

    High Water Side Trail - 200m

    • Loop trail that crosses a creek

    Lookout Side Trail - 60m

    • In and out trail to Speed River lookout

    John Woods Side Trail - 1 - 2km

    • Trail passes huge oak trees, then through cedar forest


    Vernal Pool Side Trail - 150m

    • Loop trail

    John Woods Side Trail - 2  - 800m

    • Loop trail through wet, then stoney cedar forest

    Imperial Drain Sidetrail - 200m

    Take this 200 metre sidetrail detour when high Speed River water levels do not permit crossing the trail on the footbridge.

    Section 2:

    Whitelaw Road to Wellington Rd. 32 South, 5.1km       

    Parking Area:  Niska/Whitelaw/Side Rd. 10 intersection ends at a barricade where there is limited parking

          • Trail follows closed road allowance then enters a swamp
          • Trail passes through a Hunt Club. NO DOGS are permitted on property at landowner’s request, please respect their wishes. This section is also closed Sept 1 to Jan 20 for hunting. 
          • Trail then follows speed river, passing rapids and islands populated with waterfowl and deer
          • Watch for drain holes caused by flooding
          • Bridge on Wellington Rd. 32 has no sidewalks and sighlines are short so use cautin when crossing

      Section 3:

      Wellington Rd. 32 to Blackbridge/Roszell Rd - 4.6km

      Parking Area:  Townline Rd. and Roszell Rd. or dead end of Wellington Rd 32
      • Trail passes along river, through meadowlands, dense cedar and over boardwalks in swamp
      • Use cautin as popular location for hunters in fall and winter
      • Remains of a mill race and dam that once powered the Blackbridge Mill can be seen
      • From the Cambridge end of this trail it is possinble to connect to Cambridge’s Mill Run Trail

      Riverside Side Trail - 200m

      • Runs alongside river through exotic cedars

      Carmeuse Side Trail - 300m

      • Route is along former edge of the Guelph spillway and features gnarly cedars, boulders and outcrops

      Abutments Side Trail - 1 - 50m

      • Features views up and down river atop old approaches to a bridge that once led to the “company town” of Glen Christie  and its quarries on the opposite side of the river

      Workaround Side Trail - 1 - 175m

      • Has been re-blazed orange and is now part of the main trail.

      For questions or trail issues contact Trail Coordinator

      Guelph Hiking Trail Club is a charitable organization Registration#11894 9395

      PO Box 1, Guelph, ON, N1H 6J6 

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