Grand Valley Trail in the Elora Gorge Conservation Area is closed for now.

  • 9 Jul 2021
  • 30 Sep 2021


In recent years, the Grand River Conservation Authority has been experiencing issues relating to unlawful entry in the park at non-designated entrances and outside operating hours. As well, they have experienced repeated damage to a fence by unauthorized park users on the northern section of the park. Over the past year, the GVTA board has been in communication with the staff and board of the GRCA to discuss the trail in the park. In more recent months, GVTA board members have presented to the GRCA board the history and the case for the Grand Valley Trail in the Elora Gorge Park with the view of maintaining the relationship and a presence in the park.

We are hoping to continue discussions with the Grand River Conservation Authority and to work in collaboration with the GRCA to resolve how best to accommodate GVTA hikers in the park.

However, at this time, please be aware that:

  • The Grand Valley Trail in the Elora Gorge Conservation Area is closed for now. We ask all hikers to walk around the park and on the road until further notice. The area will be signed and blazed as required to make it easy for hikers to know where to go.  
  • Entry to the park is permitted only at official entrances and as registered and paid park users.  
  • Entering the park at the northern end by the baseball diamond is strictly prohibited and is not sanctioned by the GVTA. Please help to reinforce and spread this message if you know of hikers or others using this unofficial access point to the park. This is where we need members to demonstrate that we are good stewards of the land and respectful of the GRCA’s mandate.  

We continue to work on this issue to find a satisfactory solution that will honour our long-term relationship, respect the authority of the GRCA and allow GVTA members to continue to enjoy the natural beauty of the Elora Gorge Conservation Area. We will keep you informed as new information is available.

Stay safe and enjoy your hikes!

Annie Côté-Kennedy
President, Grand Valley Trail Association


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